Fred Lanting,

AKC, International All Breed Judge & SAAB Member

Featured Writer Since 2004


Fred Lanting is an internationally respected AKC and UKC judge, approved by many registries as an All-Breed dog show judge AND a Sieger Show and Schutzhund specialist. He presents seminars and consults worldwide on Gait and Structure, Hip Dysplasia and other Orthopedic Disorders, Anatomy, Training Techniques, and the German Shepherd Dog.


Fred has a long history of breeding GSDs and conducting non-profit Seiger Show and European sightseeing tours.


A retired organic chemist, Fred is a prolific author with several books and articles published on the above and other subjects. He writes for his local newspaper as well as and occasionally shares insight on the sport of dogs for subscribers.


He has judged Sieger Shows and Landesgruppen events in numerous countries, and has many years experience with SV. Fred lives in Alabama and is remembered for having conducted Sieger-Show and sightseeing tours.


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Mr. Lanting is a member of the NetPlaces Network Science and Advisory Board and a long-time feature writer for His next assignment is June 11, 2022 in Cullman, AL (UKC and American Stock Dog Club) combined shows.

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