Making History: the world's 1st public website, www.TheDogPlace.org, launched February 2, 1998. www.TheDogPress.com became the world's 1st online dog news on February 2, 2002. The first-ever dog show judges website in went live in 2005.


In fact, www.TheDogPlace.org was also the first website to penetrate the silken curtain of China, thanks to Barbara Andrews, Lana Tsan and China's President Jiang Zemin (details below.) Although www.TheDogPress.com covered politics and culture, it sort of "slipped into" China.


 Then yet another historical first. www.TheJudgesPlace.com launched February 2, 2005. That "dog show judge's website" provided the 1st online "Judges Education" and for dog show exhibitors, the judge's credentials and background - important information never before available!


But "before internet" there was already another "FIRST" for the dog world by the same dog-loving visionaries. Video Express was launched by Bill and Barbara Andrews in 1997 to record dog shows. Wildly popular, Video Express was invited to officially videotape the world's largest dog event, Crufts Dog Show in London, England.


That video caught the attention of Lawrence Lindsey, a prominent television producer. Mr. Lindsey invited the Andrews to be his guests at the 1998 National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB) in Dallas, TX. Our African Embassies had just been bombed and tensions were high but Bill and Barbara Andrews were his security-cleared guests.


Mr. Lindsey gave the feature seminar "Presenting Network News" for the Broadcaster's Convention. During that 3-day event, the Andrews shared a drink with Ted Turner, founder of Turner Broadcasting which became CNN. Mr. Turner introduced them to Rupert Murdoch, President of News Corp, known today as Fox News.


Encouraged by the media giants and news of the emerging internet, Bill Andrews decided dog fanciers would welcome a "web site" all about dogs. The computer tech for Bill's 2-state plumbing company knew a guy who was building an "on line" inventory site for Nike Shoes... That fortuitous connection enabled the Andrews to launch "the world's first public website." Note that the "web" was still only functional in the best colleges and video had yet to be employed in higher education...



www.TheDogPlace.org also made international history as the first website allowed to be viewed in China.  China was a mysterious and "closed country" but Lana Tsan, a NYC stock broker, had purchased every dog show video tape produced by Mrs. Andrews and they had become phone-friends.


It turned out that Lana was much more than a stock broker. She had purchased the videos for Jiang Min who was President of China (1989 to 2002).  When Lana explained and said the President had questions, Mrs. Andrews agreed to the international phone call in which Ms. Tsan acted as interpreter.  China's President Zemin was friendly and extremely interesting to "talk" to.


Thus www.TheDogPlace.org became the first American website allowed into China and then, in 2002 www.TheDogPress.com (the world's first online dog news) was also added to China's public internet.



Through Lana Tsan, Barbara Andrews developed an incurable interest in Chinese dogs and culture which is deeply explored in what grew into the NetPlaces Network websites.


As dog shows multiplied, judging became more "political" and judges juggled for assignments. "Know before you go" became the byword so www.TheJudgesPlace.com was launched.



www.TheJudgesPlace.com features background information plus a listing of the Breeds and Groups for which each dog show judge is approved by AKC. The insightful interviews explore the individual preferences of dog show judges as regards type, soundness and movement.


Together "The First Three" www.TheDogPlace.org, www.TheDogPress.com and www.TheJudgesPlace.com provide credentialed information on all aspects of dog ownership, from canine health, nutrition and training to genetics, reproduction and dog shows.


Equally unique, all works are authored by AKC (American Kennel Club) and TKC (The Kennel Club of England) dog show judges, breeders, professional trainers or veterinarians.


Thus the Netplaces Network globally serves the full spectrum of dog lovers: pet owners, dog breeders, dog show exhibitors, judges and professional handlers. We invite you to explore...


TheDogPlace.org, the world's first public website (1998) "From Animal health to Vaccines."


TheDogPress.com, launched in 2002, the first online dog news by/for the dog fancy.


TheJudgesPlace.com, a 2005 landmark in "Judges Education" and communication.


All Netplaces Network information is by highly credentialed dog breeders, dog show judges, esteemed university professors, medical doctors and veterinarians.


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