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Fascinating background on German Shepherd Dog breeder, international dog show judge, author and sought-after lecturer on canine structure, type and movement.




AKC/International Judge, GSD Breeder, SAAB Member


FRED LANTINGFred Lanting’s first purebred dog was a Toy Fox Terrier in 1937. In 1945, Lanting whelped his first litter, Smooth Fox Terriers. He acquired his first German Shepherd Dog in 1947 and by 1966 was an active GSD breeder and trainer.


During the late `60s, Lanting began handling and training dogs for other people while still showing his own dogs to many record achievements. In the 1970s, he bred Whippets and, as an advocate of purpose-bred dogs, he owned a lure-coursing champion Whippet that was also in the conformation top-ten!


He added the Shiba during the 1980s and for years was the importer/owner of the #1 Shiba outside of Japan. He has served in many leadership capacities for specialty and all-breed clubs.


Fred Lanting has been a hands-on trainer, consultant, and pro handler who, in addition to traditional conformation shows, bred, trained, and titled countless dogs in Schutzhund/VPG/IPO competitions.


It was inevitable that Fred would become a judge whose opinion was sought and respected by AKC and CKC clubs and exhibitors, as well as registries and show organizations in 30 countries. A serious scholar of canine anatomy and health who has assisted in veterinary surgery, Fred Lanting has frequently served as guest lecturer at veterinary schools in the U.S. and around the world.


He is a gifted writer who makes complex subjects easy reading for judges, breeders, and dog sport enthusiasts.  Fred Lanting is author of: The Total German Shepherd Dog, and the comprehensive Canine Orthopedic Problems, plus many technical and science books. He is a valued columnist for many magazines,, and other websites in the U.S. and abroad.


JUDGING EXPERIENCE:  Fred Lanting is approved for All Breeds in UKC (United Kennel Club), Nat’l Canine Assoc., ARBA, and in other countries and registries, including England, Ireland, Trinidad, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, China, Malaysia, etc.


Fred is one of only 2 judges in the USA (and only a half-dozen in the Western Hemisphere) approved by the Schäferhund Verein.


TKC (The Kennel Club, United Kingdom) lists Fred Lanting for GSD, Rottweilers, Boxers, Whippets, Greyhounds, and Shibas.


Fred Lanting has awarded Challenge Certificates and equivalents to selected breeds in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland and Japan.  He judges All Breeds in Pakistan, India, much of S.E. Asia, South America, and the Caribbean.


SEMINARS & LECTURES: Fred Lanting provides presentations on

  1. Hip Dysplasia and other orthopedic disorders, touching on all aspects including genetics, nutrition, diagnosis, and treatments. Powerpoint

  2. Analytical Approach to Evaluating Dogs:  “hands-on” participation dealing with gait-&-structure, how to choose studs or candidates for purchase, pick puppies, and judge dogs in the ring or from ringside. Powerpoint

  3. Schutzhund/VPG problem-solving and technique improvements.

  4. Anatomy Courses similar to his SCJA Institute lectures.

  5. Evolution of the American German Shepherd Dog (for specialty clubs)

  6. And by special arrangement, presentations on Grooming, Handling, Basic Genetics, etc.

E-mail preferred, as he is often away. If an urgent matter, call 256-498-3319 (7am - 7pm CST).

Mr. Lanting is a long-time feature writer for the world's first public website, He also shares his great knowledge of judging (all breeds) in which is the first website for and about dog show judges.


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