Stella Starr

Featured Writer Since 2014


Stella Starr, Pet Columnist, is a published poet and writer.  Stella's mother was a gypsy dancer, a local celebrity (or outrage, depending on male vs. female opinion) who performed at the upscale Gypsy Inn in St. Petersburg and at venues in the Latin Quarter of Tampa.


Stella inherited her mother's genuine quartz crystal ball and an Oiji board but denies that she consults either one. That said, Stella often amazes staff with her "on-target" predictions.


She is a great fancier of white Persian cats and Springer Spaniels. She doesn't breed nor has she chosen to show her "consultants and best friend." 


She just laughs and says competing is no fun when you know the outcome... Admittedly reclusive, Stella takes inspiration from the natural world and her animal friends.


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