Gordon Garrett, BA

Featured Writer Since 2017


Gordon Garrett has bred German Shepherds since 1950 having learned the breed while working for Long-Worth Kennel. He's also been a Veterinarian for over 10 years. He became an Canadian Kennel Club All Breeds judge in the 60's, wrote for and edited German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada publications. Gordon ran his own dog business while working as supervisor for Toronto malls.


He entered University at age 70 and attained his B.A. at 76 but continued in university for 4 more years. Gordon Garrett then wrote and published his book Civilization, God, and the End of Democracy but is best known for writing History of The German Shepherd Dog.


While an All Breeds CKC judge, he judged twice in Cuba and once in Mexico but is now retired “because I was having trouble with the bookwork.” Smiling, he adds, “But I can still see dogs...”


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