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Journalist Award Winner & SAAB


Joseph Byer and one of his Doberman PinschersJoe and CinDee Byer have owned, bred, trained and exhibited Doberman Pinschers since 1978. CinDee has served as Secretary of the American Doberman Pinscher Educational Foundation, Inc.


Together they created and organized community dog training classes, veterinary staff safety classes, launched "Pet Conventions" dedicated to education for pet lovers and their animals.  Joe and CinDee Byer have developed and conducted seminars dedicated to helping pet owners chose the "PERFECT PUPPY" and they created a pet therapy group in 1991 which is still active today.  They conducted a safety and therapy dogs seminar at the Recreational Therapeutic Institute's annual conference for medical professionals.


For over twenty years the Byers have made instructive visits to schools, churches, Scout group, and given safety talks to United Parcel Service drivers.  On the legislative front, they worked effectively with various Pennsylvania state legislators in protecting the rights of dog owners.


CinDee authored a dog related newspaper column for five years and as a free lance writer has had works published in Dog News, Dog World, The AKC Gazette, Canine Chronicle, Doberman Digest and The Doberman Magazine.  The Byers also directed and produced a monthly radio talk show highlighting the purebred dog fancy with guests such as President of the UKC - Wayne Cavanaugh, President of the AKC - Dennis Sprung, Judges - Annie Clark, Bob and Jane Forsyth Judge, Author and trainer Captain A.J. Haggerty to name a few.


They have been awarded the Veterans Administration Recognition Certificate for canine work with veterans at veteran’s hospitals in addition to the prestigious American Kennel Club's Community Achievement Award.


In 2016 CinDee was a featured guest on the Inside Edition TV show.  We welcome their many talents to the NetPlaces Network of multi-talented writers.


Sadly, we say Good-Bye to our dear friend, Joe Byer, who passed away at the age of 75 on April 28, 2019 after a courageous battle with small cell carcinoma. CinDee is now part of the NetPlaces Network Science And Advisory Board.


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