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Barbara J. Andrews, President of NetPlaces Network, is the author of eight breed books, launched the world's first website, and is a Hall Of Fame breeder of AKC Akitas, Miniature Bull Terriers and Toy Fox Terriers.



Barbara J. Andrews

Journalist, Publisher, Owner-handler, Breed Pioneer


Barbara "BJ" AndrewsBarbara Andrews served as columnist for the AKC Gazette, Dog World and Kennel Review magazines, plus the Canine Chronicle newspaper, from the late 60s until 1993 when she became exclusive columnist for ShowSight Magazine.


In 1974 she published The Akita Handbooks and instituted the Register Of Merit system for sires and dams producing the most AKC Champions.  The ROM system was adopted by numerous National breed clubs.


Mrs. Andrews ("BJ") authored 8 breed books for TFH (the "World's Largest Publisher of Animal Books) which were published in eight languages. Among them, World Of The Akita (Breed Book Of The Year Nominee), The Chihuahua, and The Miniature Bull Terrier.


 BJ Andrews is a CSI (Canine Sciences Institute) Hall of Fame Breeder who with husband Bill (deceased 2005) owner-handled multiple AKC Group and Best In Show winners to Top 10 national AKC All-Breed show rankings. The O'BJ breeding program which has never exceeded 12 dogs, has so far produced more than 290 AKC Champions including over half of the All Time Top Ten Register Of Merit (ROM) Akitas. "Akitas O'BJ" are still the All Time #1, 2, and #4 Top Sires and two O'BJ bitches remain tied for the title of Top Producing Dam All Time.


Founder of the AKC Miniature Bull Terrier Club Of America, BJ is known for exploring and developing new breeds but has been exclusively devoted to the Toy Fox Terrier since 2001.


Encouraged by Derek Clontz, internationally respected newspaper publisher who fed her fascination with political conspiracies, Dekek was also an authority on herbs and natural health remedies so they often talked for (back then) expensive hours. Over decades, Derek also led her into a better understanding of religion vs. spirituality.


Bill and Barbara Andrews launched the world's first public website, in 1998.  Known as "the informer" "BJ" went on to publish the world's first digital dog news, in 2002 and in 2005.  View her Writer's Page. She is also a proud member of the dog world's first Science and Advisory Board and currently president of the NetPlaces Network.


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