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Founder of China's first dog registry, Lana inspired and organized purebred dog breeders and groomers through her international travels and teachings.



Lana Tsan, China Kennel Club VP 


Lana TsanI have over 80 champions from all over the world and with 54 breeds. My first champion poodle died in China at the ripe old age of 12 year old. I came back to Hong Kong broken hearted. Then, in late 1998, the China Kennel Club (GD) was formed in which I have been made Vice President.


I have retired from the show ring and has started investment in Chins in 1992. I then formed The Chinese Pet Traders Association with the idea that the person behind the dog should be remembered as well as their winners because in many cases it is the owner that makes a better dog.


I am now North America Working Dog Association Ltd (Far East) business representative. I am also Vice President of the Quandong (Canton) Millennium Show with the China Kennel Club and is oversea President title from Taiwan.


With the idea that China will be taking over Hong Kong eventually and that China having the laws that banned dogs from all city, it will be a disaster for many dogs in Hong Kong and we work to prevent that.


I serve as Vice President of Small Animal Veterinary Association as we make progress in education here.  I am Hon. Chairperson for Association of Small Animal Protection and Consultant for PET Zone Magazine and China Cat Association (Beijing).


Our dog Olympic is 2001 Shenyang show that comes after big show in Beijing (capitol) and I am coordinator for both and consultant also for Qwai Yueng Kennel Club.  Our NASA club help with many other kennel clubs.


Editor's Note: Lana contacted our Video Express Canine Productions company in the early 90s.  She bought every dog show, National Specialty, and breed information video we produced . This is WHO Lana was - the consummate dog lover and one of the most knowledgeable people it has been my honor to call friend.


Lana Tsan was excited about creation of in 1998. Because of her personal friendship with China's President, it was the first American website to which the people of China had access and it remained so for several years.


Lana's insatiable quest for dog knowledge achieved global unification as contributors from Europe, the Orient and far East, South America and Canada enriched Cultures may differ but we all speak the same language when it comes to dogs!


Postnote: Lana continued to educate dog owners until shortly before her death in 2011.

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