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Barbara "BJ" AndrewsPractice includes general small animal medicine and surgery. Emphasis on small animal behavior and theriogenology referral cases. Dr. Jane received 3 years of advanced training in Behavior at the University Of Georgia and approximately 10% of case load currently comprised of behavior referral cases. Behavior clinical experience includes, but is not limited to diagnosis and treatment of various types of aggression, separation anxiety, elimination behavior problems, obsessive compulsive disorders, phobias, and unruly behavior in dogs and cats. Theriogenology clinical experience includes, but is not limited to, breeding soundness examination, ovulation timing and breeding management, pregnancy diagnosis and management, artificial insemination, shipping of fresh chilled semen, diagnosis and treatment of reproductive disorders, and dystocia management in the dog and cat. Integrative energy medicine therapy employed includes biomagnetic and far-infrared technologies.




Degree Candidate, Theriogenology, 1990 to 1996, final GPA 4.0

University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN USA


Clinical Residency

Theriogenology, 1990 to 1996

University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN USA


MS Anatomy

1991, final GPA 4.0

University of Georgia, Athens, GA USA


Clinical Residency Animal Behavior

1987 to 1990

University of Georgia, Athens, GA USA



University of Georgia, 1982

Athens, GA USA



Animal Science, 1978

University of Georgia

Athens, GA USA



2000 Certified PennHip Member

1993 Diplomate, American College of Theriogenologists



Graduate School

1993 Society for Theriogenology Poster Competition, Second Place Award

1992 CAPS Departmental Scholarship

1991 Society for Theriogenology Poster Competition, First Place Award

1990 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

1990 University of Georgia Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

1990 Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society

1989 Society for Theriogenology Poster Competition, Third Place Award

1988 University of Georgia Foundation Scholarship


Professional School

1982 Christopher P. Wetherbee Scholarship



Dean's List

Honors Program

Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

Alpha Zeta Honor Society

E.G. Dawson Academic Scholarship



American College of Theriogenologists (ACT)

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior (AVSAB)

Animal Behavior Society (ABS)

Georgia Equine Practitioners Association (GEPA)

Georgia Veterinary Medical Association (GVMA)

International Forum on Applied Animal Behavior

International Society of Veterinary Perinatology (ISVP)

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA)

North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association (NCVMA)

Omega Tau Sigma (OTS)

Sigma Xi

Society for Theriogenology (SFT)



1. University of Minnesota

Theriogenology Core Curriculum (Team Taught):

CAPS 5532 Bovine and Equine Palpation, 1990 - 1996

CAPS 5551 Theriogenology Diagnostic Laboratory, 1990 - 1996

CAPS 5552 Veterinary Obstetrics Laboratory, 1991 & 1993

CAPS 5570 Reproductive Diseases of Domestic Animals, 1990 - 1996

Senior Clinical Rotations in Theriogenology (Team Taught):

CAPS 5511 Equine Theriogenology, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996

CAPS 5004 Food Animal Theriogenology, 1990 - 1996

Other Courses (Team Taught):

CAPS 5184 Neonatology, 1990 - 1995

CVM 5260 Animal Behavior, 1990 - 1996

2. University of Georgia

Core Curriculum (Team Taught):

VAR 611 Gross Anatomy of Companion Animals, 1987 - 1990

VAR 612 Gross Anatomy of Ungulates and Birds, 1987 - 1990

Senior Clinical Rotations (Team Taught):

VAR 658 Clinical Animal Behavior, 1987 - 1990



University of Georgia

VAR 514A Learning - Punishment, Reinforcement, Desensitization and Counter conditioning, February 1990

VAR 514A Canid Social Structure and Communication, February 1990

VAR 514A Aggression in Dogs, February 1990

VAR 514A Feeding and Elimination Behavior Problems, February 1990

VAR 514A Maternal Behavior in Carnivores, February 1990

VAR 515 Radiographic Anatomy of the Canine Carpus and Tarsus, 9/89

VAR 514A Maternal Behavior in Carnivores, April 1989



“Late Term Gestation, Labor, Delivery and Dystocia Management in the Bitch” Continuing education program presented at the Summer Meeting of the NCVMA, Ashville, NC, June 1998.


“Progesterone Supplementation During Pregnancy” Continuing education program presented at the Summer Meeting of the NCVMA, Ashville, NC, June, 1998.


“Ontogeny of Behavior and Socialization in Puppies” Continuing education seminar presented to the Greater Charlotte Veterinary Medical Association, Charlotte, NC, October, 1997


"Perspectives on Pet Overpopulation" Seminar presented at the 29th Annual Veterinary Conference at the University of Georgia, April, 1992, Athens, GA.


"Is It a Boy or a Girl - Ultrasonographic Fetal Sexing and More" Seminar presented at the 29th Annual Veterinary Conference at the University of Georgia, 4/92, Athens, GA.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Behavioral Problems in Dogs and Cat. Continuing Education program presented to the Nebraska Academy of Veterinary Medicine, September 1990, Omaha, NE


Veterinary Animal Behavior: It Ain't All Voodoo. SCAVMA-sponsored seminar presented to veterinary students at Tuskegee University, March 1990, Tuskegee, AL.


Canine Aggression. Continuing education program presented to the Northeast Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, March 1989, Oxford, AL.


Preventative Health Care in Companion Animals. Seminar presented to non-veterinarians at UGA's College of Veterinary Medicine Open House, University of Georgia, September 1988, Athens, GA.



Energy Medicine: The 21st Century Approach to Wellness. Guest appearance on radio talk show aired over Greater Hickory area, March 2000.


Behavior Case Management, New Technologies in Whelping Management, and Energy Medicine. Presented to the Greater Hickory Kennel Club, Hickory, NC, 3/2000


“A Little Bit of This and That” Presented to the Piedmont Kennel Club - topics included ovulation timing and breeding management, monitoring labor, Gentle Leaders, ABS citronella bark collars, and biomagnetic therapy in the dog, 9/98 Charlotte, NC.


"Just what does a Veterinary Behaviorist do?" Seminar presented to lay audience in conjunction with the U of MN College of Vet Med Open House, 4/91, St. Paul, MN.


Dominance Aggression in Dogs. Lecture presented to the Dogwood Akita Club, May 1990, Stone Mountain, GA.



Barber, J.A., Coley, C.J. Labor monitoring in the bitch. Peer reviewed abstract accepted for presentation at the 4th International Symposium on Canine and Feline Reproduction and the 2nd Congress of the European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction. Published in the Journal of Reproduction and Fertility Proceedings book, Oslo, Norway, June 29th-July1st, 2000.



Barber, J.A. Breeding and Whelping Management in the Bitch and Queen. Proc SCVMA Winter Meeting,, Charleston, SC, 1999.


Barber, J.A. Periparturient Problems in the Bitch. Proc NCVMA Summer Mtg, Ashville, NC, 1998,


Barber, J.A. Breeding Management - Natural service vs. artificial insemination. Proc Eq Reprod Short Course, Univ of MN, St. Paul, MN, 1993, 66-75.


Hillsman, J.B. (former name) Book Review of William E. Campbell's Behavior Problems in Dogs, JAVMA, August 1992.


Hillsman, J.B. Book Review of Donald R. Griffin's Animal Thinking, published in the AVSAB newsletter, October 1988.


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