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When we received a challenge regarding website and author authenticity, Denise Lovette, NetPlaces Network Public Relations Manager, decided the following might be of interest to our subscribers and users.


In early 1998 Bill Andrews computerized service records for his Plumbing company. The computer guy was buddies with a Nike Shoe company webmaster who was switching them from “intranet” to something called the “World Wide Web.”


Barbara Andrews was at the time, a columnist for Dog World magazine and the elite Kennel Review dog show magazine. Long story short, in 1998 the Andrews launched {Ref #1} which was “The world’s first public website.” No commercialism, just free peer-reviewed facts on dog food, housebreaking, training, and most important for all dogs, the risks of over-vaccination and heartworm prevention.


BJ is a believer in “no such thing as coincidence” when it really matters. Lana Tsan, a powerful dog friend and Chinese diplomat enabled to become the first website accessible to people in China and she served on the NetPlaces Science and Advisory Board until her death. {Ref #2} (2002) was the world’s first dog news site. Then, having traveled so much doing seminars for AKC Judges Education, Mrs. Andrews launched {Ref #3} in 2005. It was of course, the first online AKC Judges’ Education platform.


As each of these first-in-category websites dominated the "World Wide Web" it all came together as the NetplacesNetwork.


We don’t allow ‘puppies for sale’ in any NetPlaces sites but you will find veterinary-approved and peer-reviewed information to help you keep your puppy healthy and if so inclined, to be a successful breeder and dog show competitor. That was our goal in 1998 and nothing has changed.


For the record, we never share personal information but also unlike most websites, we include a bio on every writer and contact email for guest contributors. Also unique, The NetPlaces Network’s Science And Advisory Board is comprised of exceptionally credentialed members.


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