2014 Featured Writer & Journalist Award Winner


Sherry Shivley spends her time fending off affectionate Boxers, researching ideas for articles, attacking weeds in garden and trying to convince her husband of 44 years to slow down.  She lives in the Eastern plains of Colorado and having raising two daughters Sherry is now finding time to expand her passions, writing and showing Boxers. which she has had for decades.


Sherry says writing and drama were her strong points in High School but she doesn’t spend a lot of time on “pesky verbs and adverbs”, she just writes what sounds correct. Readers love it and voted her as the 2014 Journalist Award in her first year of writing for


Sherry's first published article was in the legendary Western Horseman Magazine. It was on tips to young Fair Queens because when her younger daughter represented their county as Queen, she says they all learned a lot....including that they should have bought “stock in hair spray companies.”


Sherry continues to learn about owner handling with the help of her friends, mentors and “Handler Extraordinaire” Janine Leoni. She credits Dr. Dan Buchwald for helping her remain firm in the belief that what is winning is not always correct but to “Stick to the Standard, always!”


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