Karen Rhodes,

Family Dog Consultant & SAAB

Featured Writer Since 2019


Karen is a Vermonter who by birth and eligibility, is also a member of DAR (Daughters Of The American Revolution) on her mother’s side. Her father passed through Ellis Island and later fought in the Korean War. Her mother was a talented artist who worked on her own vehicles and was a licensed pilot.


Karen Rhodes has always had animals in her life, from birds, reptiles and horses to of course, dogs. She was raised to believe she could do anything from downhill ski race, distance swim, ride and raise horses, to riding motorcycles. She still rides her treasured 2004 Harley “for giggles and head therapy.


Most of her professional writing was for the criminal justice system, including Pre-Sentence Investigation reports for the court. She was also a professional administrator before enduring a 2017 bout with death. Among the lucky ones, she received a life-saving liver transplant. She has permanent health issues from the anti-rejection meds but devotes her life to her handicapped adult son, her dogs, and sharing her skills to help others.


Karen has always done artwork; drawing, painting, photography, leatherwork and woodwork. She is especially gifted in the art of stained-glass creations. Her special hobbies have become “occupational therapy.” There is no greater reward than sharing one’s talent - unless it is being recognized and financially rewarded for it. Read a smile there…


The NetPlaces Network is honored to have another talented writer who is of course, a lover of animals and all things beautiful.  Karen has been invited to sit on NetPlaces Network Science and Advisory Board.


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