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Karen Rhodes, has worked as a veterinary technician, been a breeder of Shar-Pei, professional writer and artist and over-all dog lover.



NetPlaces Network Writer, Artist and Dog Lover


Karen is a Vermonter who by birth and eligibility, is also a member of DAR (Daughters Of The American Revolution) on her mother’s side.  She has always had animals in her life, from birds, reptiles and horses to of course, dogs. She was raised to believe she could do anything from downhill ski race and distance swimming to riding horses and motorcycles. She still rides her treasured 2004 Harley “for giggles and head therapy.


Karen raised, trained and bred Chinese Shar-Pei in their early days in America and says “They are wonderful dogs with significantly large historic genetic records which can date hundreds of years.” She says “Over the years I have been blessed to have different breeds. Each dog enriched my life and experience in canine behavior and husbandry. I cannot imagine life without dogs.


Karen worked as a veterinary technician for over a decade, learning from the ground up. The Pittsford, Vermont practice has since evolved to specialization in small animals and these many years later, she continues to use their services for her dogs.


Most of her professional writing was for the criminal justice system, including Pre-Sentence Investigation reports for the court. She was also a professional administrator until 2017.


Karen has always done artwork; drawing, painting, photography, leatherwork and woodwork. She is especially gifted in the art of stained-glass creations. Her special hobbies have become “occupational therapy” and she says “There is no greater reward than sharing one’s talent - unless it is being recognized and financially rewarded for it.„ Read a smile there…


The NetPlaces Network is honored to add such a multi-talented member to our Science and Advisory Board. Read more about Karen on her NetPlaces Network writer's page.  Direct questions or comments to: Karen Rhodes

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